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In Sweden, you’re allowed to roam pretty much freely in the countryside. Anywhere – forest, mountains and coast. And you’re allowed to do pretty much anything! As long as you show consideration to others and the natural world, the right of public access gives you the right to experience the countryside.

But simply being allowed to do something, doesn’t mean that you are able to. It may be, for example, that you are inexperienced, unsure, or don’t have the necessary self-confidence. STF wants to change this. That’s why we are opening “STF Hajka” – to inspire even more people to discover the country, together.

The traditional definition of a hike (which is how the Swedish word “hajka” is pronounced) is a “period of open-air leisure that includes sleeping out”, but STF Hajka wants to broaden that definition. With us, a hike can be pretty much anything. Something you do outdoors. Together with other people. And it doesn’t necessarily require sleeping out in the forest.

Hajka can be described as a matching service for discovery and it’s easy to use. Search for the activities you want to participate in, or register as a leader for activities you want to introduce to others. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can simply request an activity, or read through the requests others have placed.

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