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We are looking for people who are good at something. Or who simply love something. It could be parkour, mushroom picking or ice climbing. What’s important is that you feel a desire to share your interest with other people. See yourself as an ambassador for your special interest: convince others that your particular special activity is the best thing there is. And remember – sharing is caring!

In order to ensure that a Hajka experience is optimal, we prefer to see more than one leader at each activity. You should make sure that at least two people register as leaders together. One of you should be principal leader and contact person. Give the contact details in the form below.


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Important information to those who wish to organise an activityt

Note that it is not allowed to create an activity for commercial purposes. STF Hajka promotes exchange of experience. Primarily, Hajka addresses individuals and/or people involved in associations (with a private person as the sender). All activities are conducted on a voluntary basis.